Oil and gas jobs in Abu Dhabi

Oil and gas jobs in Abu Dhabi

Since 1976 at Petroplan, we have been connecting experts in offshore, onshore and expansion drilling with oil and gas leaders across the globe. We are unique because the service we offer is tailored to specific regional requirements because we understand the benefits and challenges of the oil and gas market in Abu Dhabi. 

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Since the 1950s when Abu Dhabi first discovered its extensive oil and gas reserves, the energy industry here has continued to grow and develop. Abu Dhabi is a world leader in terms of natural resources as it is estimated to hold over 98.2bn barrels of oil and 5.8 trillion cubic metres of gas. While the extraction of this gas and oil can be challenging, Abu Dhabi offers a number of opportunities for experts in this field.

To enjoy Abu Dhabi’s hydrocarbon wealth, you’ll need to secure an entry permit and a work visa. In order to obtain these essential documents, you must have an official offer of employment and a sponsor, a role which we are expertly qualified to fulfil. The application is relatively simple, all you need is a medical permit and a labour card to secure your entry.

Many people have moved to Abu Dhabi, where you’ll find tax free banking, a thriving population and a vast, world dominating metropolis. With a fast growing economy and a popular tourist destination, you’ll find much more than desert in Abu Dhabi’s flourishing oasis.

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