Permanent or Contract Work?

If you are weighing up the benefits of contract versus permanent work the  online employment resources here may help. Your choice should be based on the option that best supports your lifestyle and career priorities. Whilst there will be many factors influencing such a decision that are specific to your particular situation, some key considerations are highlighted below.


A permanent role is recommended, especially if you have a lack of flexibility around your work location and shorter-term assignments.  The realisation of strategic long-term career goals can be more structured in a permanent role. Working directly for a company can give you access to competitive benefits, such as paid holiday time and company-funded training.

We have made these online employment resources based on the experience of our specialist recruitment team in Petroplan . They are dedicated to a methodology where they ensure you not only have a good grasp of the technical requirements of a particular role, but also your likely fit within a company’s culture. You can then make an informed decision about whether your particular experience and work ethic match the role and the company.   We appreciate that taking up a permanent role is an important commitment in anyone’s life. Therefore we take every opportunity to ensure a good organisational fit that will lead to a successful and lasting working relationship.

Our effectiveness in this regard is as a result of nearly forty years of operation. During this time we have established long-standing business relationships (and in many instances preferred supplier status) with some of the world’s leading oil, gas and energy companies. This longevity allows us a significant level of insight into their preferred working practices and requirements.  In addition our established placement track record will often result in Petroplan being the client’s first points of contact when briefing in a new assignment. So if you register with Petroplan as a candidate; there is greater access to sought after opportunities to vacancies only available through Petroplan.


Individuals working on a contract basis can often earn higher rates of pay.  This usually reflects the flexible working relationship required by the client, and the fixed-term nature of the assignment. In our online employment resources we explain the need to consider the candidate’s career stage, personal circumstances and career objectives. In some cases, this level of work flexibility may be an advantage.  Contract work presents the opportunity to develop a wide set of skills. A professional can gain invaluable experience working across a range of projects, within a variety of different organisations and locations.

Assistance package for contractors

Depending on client requirements, Petroplan’s contractors usually benefit from our Contractor Management Services. These offer a comprehensive assistance package designed to take care of every logistical aspect of the assignment. This support allows the contractor to focus on their work without any administrative or logistical distractions.  The service typically includes assistance with visa and work permit applications, co-ordination of pre-assignment medicals, client policy counselling and travel.

Contractor safety

Contractor safety is a key priority at Petroplan; with offices based in major energy hubs across the world, our expert local teams provide outstanding in-country support.

Depending on the work location, this may include airport meet and greet services, regional orientation and face to face inductions. The inductions may include any relevant evacuation procedures, insurance, medivac and security briefings, assistance with selecting the most suitable and secure local accommodation. We will help with any maintenance issues, as well as access to a 24-hour emergency support network.  Our team issue contractors with regular reminders about vaccination boosters, medical checks and training updates where necessary.

We have an unblemished record of contractor safety. Our highly personalised approach to contractor management means our team knows the exact location of all our contractors at all times. We focus on maintaining regular contact with them.

Fast contractor pay

Petroplan has an unrivalled reputation for rapidly administering multi-currency domestic and international payrolls. We process many payments by BACS or international transfer usually within 7 days (except where local laws dictate otherwise).  Contractors are able to submit their monthly time and expense claim forms by email, fax or post (subject to their contractual terms). They have unlimited access to our experienced accounts professionals. We make it a priority to resolve any payment or tax issues quickly and efficiently.

Due to the exceptional levels of attention contractors receive from our Contractor Management Specialists before, during and after an assignment; Many contractors have spent the majority of their career working via Petroplan.