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Benefiting from the downturn in the oil price

With the U.S. refining industry operating at around 85% capacity, the outlook for recruiters appears very positive.

Recruiting in web development is not just a race to the best technical skills

Recruiting in web development is not just a race to the best technical skills

Recruiting for SAP Challenges in the oil, gas and energy market

With the focus in the oil and gas markets across the world of becoming more efficient and easier for customers to deal with, many organizations are planning on getting more short-term return on investment from their SAP implementation projects. 

Boxing clever in your job search

Just like employers spend time and energy on candidate attraction through honing their employer brand and spreading the message through recruitment communications campaigns, candidates don’t have to always follow the tried and tested route of submitting a CV or completing an application form to get noticed.

Finding job security in an unstable market

At Petroplan, we carried out a study on over 1,500 people working, unemployed or retired from the oil and gas industry to see what matters most to workers in this market now that there is such instability. 

Talent Insight 2016 Infographic

The infographic below displays some of the stats in the 'Talent Insight Index 2016: An annual barometer for the Oil, Gas and Energy Industry'. For the full report visit

Globalising your Online Recruitment Branding and Advertising Campaigns

We’d like to share some of our findings from recruitment marketing campaigns in order to help employers get better results from their candidate attraction investment.

How social media is used to build trust for recruitment

Petroplan prides itself in its use of social media to build trust and interact with job seekers in order to improve the candidate experience.

CV Formatting Tips with Downloadable Template

We have asked our recruiters to put together their Top 5 Tips for formatting CV’s and also provided an example CV for you to use as a guide for your oil and gas industry applications.

Counting down to decommissioning

Preparing for decommissioning now can bring huge dividends later, and elevate decommissioning from cost centre to centre of excellence.

Are The Best Candidates Actually Looking For A Job

Are the best candidates actually looking for a job? Many organisations and workers sometimes take the view that the best candidates aren’t jobseekers – but is this true?

Social Recruiting 2015 and Social Recruiting 2016

The current trends in the recruitment industry are pointing more and more towards the use of social media in recruitment for candidates to find jobs as well as recruiters looking for candidates.

Why We Are Energy Talent Explorers

We define ourselves as ‘energy talent explorers’, because as recruitment professionals, we are constantly adapting to the changing oil, gas and energy landscape too.

Lowering Recruitment Costs

An Infographic on How To Lower Recruitment Costs When The Right Talent Is Hard To Find. How is your organisation addressing the talent shortage or talent gaps?

10 Tips To Write A CV And Get The Job

Having nearly 40 years’ experience in recruitment, we are confident that we could write some useful tips to write a CV that gives jobseekers a better chance of succeeding in their applications.

Newly appointed Regional Recruitment Manager for Sub-Saharan Africa to spearhead growth.

Petroplan has become globally renowned as a trusted partner in recruitment. Our industry experts provide specialist services for recruitment and contractor management exclusively for the oil, gas and energy sector. Petroplan’s proven track record of recruiting and placing exceptional industry professionals with leading organisations means they have a great reputation to maintain. Their specialist expertise and broad candidate network enables clients to rapidly procure the best people available for essential roles, in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Drilling for talent: the challenges facing UK North Sea Oil and Gas

Despite the current economic downturn, there can be no doubt that the UK North Sea will remain an important energy-producing region for years to come. The region still boasts estimated oil and gas reserves of 9.4 billion boe with a 50 per cent plus chance of recoverability.

The world is your oyster: a glimpse into the life of an oil and gas recruiter

Matthew Branch didn’t embark on his career with a view to working in the oil and gas recruitment industry. He graduated with a degree in Accounting and Law, but quickly concluded that it wasn’t for him. “I had friends working in recruitment, making a good deal of money whilst enjoying the job” Matt says, “and I thought - if they can do that, I can too.”