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Confidence Returning to Oil and Gas Recruitment as Oil Price Stabilises

Despite a major contraction in the value of the energy employment market over the past two years, global oil prices are now around the level where demand for talent looks set to pick up again in the Middle East market, worth almost US$2 billion last year.

The Importance of Mental Health Charities

Any given year, 1 in 5 Canadians suffer from a mental illness, yet only 1 in 3 seek help. With falling oil prices, capital investment decline, economic downturn and thousands of redundancies rocking the Canadian energy sector, workers are being faced with anxiety, depression and other mental health issues that unfortunately are not be addressed. Mental health charities can provide support to both employees and companies alike, benefitting both in the long-term. 

New report demonstrates confidence returning to oil and gas recruitment

Respondents from thrity five organisations from across the major global oil and gas hubs participated in the survey, the aim of which was to gain insight from the industry's employers on the prospects for recovery, and how this would impact on hiring in the near future.

Rory Ferguson is the new CEO of Petroplan

Petroplan Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Rory Ferguson is its new Chief Executive Officer.

World Future Energy Summit 2017 Review (16-19th January)

This year marked the 10th annual, ‘World Future Energy Summit’ and it was certainly a cause for celebration. Abu Dhabi’s largest energy event drew in crowds in their thousands, consisting of delegates, companies and families all wanting to learn how to thrive in an environmentally sustainable future. Speakers from across the globe graced the stages, including Anthony Ighodaro (Chairman of the African Renewable Energy Alliance) and Marc Norman (Associate at Chadbourne & Parke) who spoke of renewable energy in emerging markets and its potential as these countries reach grid parity. With discussion topics ranging from employability and energy security to social enterprises role in providing a sustainable future for everyone, there was certainly a lot to learn.

Never pay to apply to a job! - How to avoid recruitment scams

As Petroplan is committed to ethical recruitment, in an effort to raise awareness of good practices and to help people avoid frauds, we have put together a list of some non-legitimate practices and ways to detect them, report them and avoid them in the future.

How can the Oil & Gas industry improve Mental Health?

Shell today announced that it was selling over half of its North Sea oil and gas fields to Chrysaor, for £2.46bn. 400 workers are currently stationed there and will be subject to a performance-based exercise and a staff discussion on whether they will keep their jobs and successfully transfer to the Chrysaor company.

Benefiting from the downturn in the oil price

With the U.S. refining industry operating at around 85% capacity, the outlook for recruiters appears very positive.

Recruiting in web development is not just a race to the best technical skills

Recruiting in web development is not just a race to the best technical skills

Recruiting for SAP Challenges in the oil, gas and energy market

With the focus in the oil and gas markets across the world of becoming more efficient and easier for customers to deal with, many organizations are planning on getting more short-term return on investment from their SAP implementation projects. 

Boxing clever in your job search

Just like employers spend time and energy on candidate attraction through honing their employer brand and spreading the message through recruitment communications campaigns, candidates don’t have to always follow the tried and tested route of submitting a CV or completing an application form to get noticed.

Finding job security in an unstable market

At Petroplan, we carried out a study on over 1,500 people working, unemployed or retired from the oil and gas industry to see what matters most to workers in this market now that there is such instability. 

Talent Insight 2016 Infographic

The infographic below displays some of the stats in the 'Talent Insight Index 2016: An annual barometer for the Oil, Gas and Energy Industry'. For the full report visit

Globalising your Online Recruitment Branding and Advertising Campaigns

We’d like to share some of our findings from recruitment marketing campaigns in order to help employers get better results from their candidate attraction investment.

How social media is used to build trust for recruitment

Petroplan prides itself in its use of social media to build trust and interact with job seekers in order to improve the candidate experience.

CV Formatting Tips with Downloadable Template

We have asked our recruiters to put together their Top 5 Tips for formatting CV’s and also provided an example CV for you to use as a guide for your oil and gas industry applications.

Counting down to decommissioning

Preparing for decommissioning now can bring huge dividends later, and elevate decommissioning from cost centre to centre of excellence.

Are The Best Candidates Actually Looking For A Job

Are the best candidates actually looking for a job? Many organisations and workers sometimes take the view that the best candidates aren’t jobseekers – but is this true?