The Oil and Gas Network

People who work within the oil and gas sector are part of a well connected community of professionals. Although the work spans the world, the community is quite close knit and respects professionals with well-earned reputations. People networks in oil and gas remain extremely important for talent attraction.

Where Experience and Heritage Makes Connections

This network from a recruitment perspective is both an advantage and disadvantage for employers and candidates alike. As a specialist recruiter, Petroplan has worked with many of the key employers and has placed and knows people up and down the energy career ladder.

For recruiters without this insight and access to professionals who can vouch for the credentials of their peers, finding a candidate that is a great match for an employer can be very difficult. Conversely, candidates want to be represented by and put their trust in a recruitment business that will help them build their careers.

Creating Networks

Petroplan is well know for its  understanding the people requirements for technical disciplines such as Engineering, Commissioning, Drilling and Marine roles. However, in response to the changing nature of the industry, we can also build talent networks for areas of growth and build in pipelines that work towards diversity and inclusion commitments.

Our marketing and recruitment team develop campaigns to attract and engage with potential, often passive, candidates outside the traditional routes to oil and gas professionals. This can be in the form of social media campaigns or utilising professional online networks. We can target people with  very specific skill sets. This is great for niche roles that have a technology bias.

Mapping the Audience of People Networks in Oil and Gas

Whether we are searching for a role within the classic oil and gas technical disciplines or looking for talent within niche or specialist computer science and digital skill sets we make a plan.

When we commence a client brief, we take time to understand the key skills and behaviours employers are looking for. From there we will select the best channels to attract and engage potential candidates. Attracting active talent is great but often the best people  aren’t in the job market. Sometimes we will approach individuals confidentially directly and some assignments are more reliant on referrals and recommendations.

Local vs Expatriate Talent

Across the world, employers are focusing on employing local workers rather than rely on expatriate workers. Even though outside workers may bring skills that may be in short supply in the local territory. This is often not just a commitment from the employer but also a legal employment requirement.

We approach both options as described in the talent mapping above. It may be more appropriate when looking to attract local talent to use other more traditional recruitment marketing techniques. These can include press advertising and job fairs. We will do whatever it takes to find the right match for your business.

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