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Electrical Engineering Jobs & Vacancies

Since 1976 when Petroplan was founded by two engineers, we have made sure that every one of our consultants know this industry inside out. It is this knowledge that allows us to connect the best talent in engineering with some of the most influential companies in energy.

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Electrical engineers are involved in projects great and small from installing a light system in an office to implementing the electrical systems on an oil rig.

As a specialist in electrical engineering you could find yourself installing the wiring for a new well lift or visiting a site before work begins to determine the viability of proposed plans. The majority of electrical engineering projects are on a big scale and involve collaboration with engineering technicians, IT staff, civil engineers and extraction engineers. While people may think they just work on buildings and lighting, electrical engineers can install everything from the signalling on an offshore drill site to creating the transfer channels on renewable energy plants.

You’ll need to be technically minded to draw up plans and ensure the right circuits are installed at the right points. An eye for detail is essential when testing new installations and devising new systems to improve the distribution of electricity and energy on oil and gas projects. Working with live wires means that you have to be able to make a decision in a split second if something goes wrong.

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